PCB Capabilities
PCB Design and Layout

Soluninx Technica is capable of providing electronic design & circuit layout of PCBs from schematics. The experience earned over 10 years and thousands of circuit layouts means we can efficiently transform your electronic design into practical hardware or even design the electronic circuitry as required.

All the layouts made by us are designed with DFM ( Design-For-Manufacturing ) in mind which guarantee the customers optimization for reliability and cost effectiveness solutions.

Let Solunix Technica be your source of prototype PCBs. The same quality of work that we have performing in circuit layout on your critical PCBs quickly can be expected for your critical first product builds. We can produce the prototype PCB from as low as 1 piece through medium run volume of (200-1000 pieces) projects.

Solunix Technica provide PCB CAD layout from customer’s schematic diagrams and into prototype PCB assembly as well.